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I have ADSL Direct from KPN

Sorry but my English is better than my Dutch (raised in USA).

I have now ADSL Direct 8MB without telephone and I am paying 52 Euros a month.

I understand that Telfort is 19.95 per month for the same speed.

I want to change over and save 30 Euros a month but I cannot be without internet for one day ( business).

Anyone have any suggestions or advice?

Thanks in advance.


No provider will ever guarantee that, especially not in the consumer market.
My personal experience with Telfort has been great and there are others that share that same experience. Perhaps those of us that had a great experience so far don't show themselves here much, they have no reason to. However, as you can clearly see from this and other forum sites, there are also people that have major issues with Telfort. Telfort is not particularly great when it comes to customer service to put it mildly.

If you cannot afford a single day without internet, then I would suggest to switch to Business DSL, that way you'll have SLA's and hopefully better Service. Telfort is a low budget provider, that means low price, little service. I've been an XS4ALL customer before this and in general their reputation is far better when it comes to uptime and service - at a higher price though. Just before I left them they started a new offering without the need of a dedicated KPN voice subscription which is obviously cheaper than the traditional setup.

Oddly enough there was a major dsl outage earlier this year that lasted for several days and impacted thousands and thousands of KPN customers, regardless whether they were KPN Direct ADSL, Planet, XS4ALL or Telfort customers. Luckily my connection was fine all the while.

I personally believe that some of the complaints are due to ignorance or incompetence on the part of the customer, but there's also those cases where the cause lies outside the home and that's where it gets very tricky with Telfort.

Your mileage may vary. Again, if your business depends on it, you might want to consider not going for the rock-bottom price. One day of downtime may cost you as much as the adsl cost for an entire year.
When you switch to Telfort, your connection will be down for like 15 min, if everything goes right!

Just check your contract with your current provider, because most providers have a 1 year contract!! If you know your end date of the contract, then order Telfort Internet 6 weeks before the end on the contract! During the process, you can set the day that will be used to switch your connection over to Telfort.
This is the date that your contract ends!

For example:

You ordered KPN DSL on 15th December 2007. Your contract will end on 15th December 2008 (not automatically!!!)

Once you ordered and Telfort confirms it via post (paper mail), then call your current provider and tell them that you're switching to a another provider and that you want to end the contract but that the line must not be discontinued, so that Telfort can take it over!!!!

I personally switched twice and everything went fine!

If a Telfort store is near you, just take your KPN contract and go to that place.
They will personally guide you through the process.

Good luck
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