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Zyxel modem plus Philips modem/router
I have a zyxel basis modem connected to dsl, connected to a philips SNA6600 modem/router(used as a bridge) connected to my IMac. With all cables in place i have full internet running. BUT when i discoonect the cable from Philips to IMac i loose the DSL signal. I do not know how to set up everything for wireless internet. Could you help please.
Since your iMac basically runs Unix, there's a good chance it is running a firewall controlling the LAN. You'll probably need to check the rules. It's equally possible that your iMac has taken over the dhcp-server task. You should disable that in the iMac.

On the other hand, when you say "as a bridge" that's probably not the right choice for you. Try setting the Philips as a switch by:

1. setting its LAN IP address to a fixed address in your ZyXEL's range (e.g., will do by default)
2. setting its default gateway to
3. turning off its routing (=NAT) function
4. turning off its firewall function
5. turning off its dhcp function

Then connect the Philips to the ZyXEL via a LAN port. Nothing should be plugged into the WAN port on the Philips.

Let me know how you're doing after these modifications.
As for wireless lan, I don't know the Philips, but basically it works the same for all wireless routers: you start by turning on Wireless lan, turning off any Wireless encryption and enabling SSID broadcast. Then connect wirelessly by turning on the Wireless lan card on your pc/laptop, filling in the Wireless network Name (=SSID).

Once you've got this running, you can add complexity by swithing on Wireless encryption if you so desire. Depending on what your router and wireless devices support, the best choice today is WPA2 a.k.a. WPA-AES. If either your router or wireless device doesn't support this,the next best choice would be WPA a.k.a. WPA-PSK, then WEP-128, then WEP-64. Please note that WPA-PSK is known to cause connectivity problems in certain (Vista) environments, so if you can't get this to work, just try another option.

In a private message Markymark wrote me that it's working now.
Please post replies here so someone else might benefit from it as well.

Now that you've got wireless working using WEP-128, you can leave that on. I take it that WPA isn't supported then?

What about your disconnect problem, is that OK now?
the connection seems to be ok, but slow now. could that be the distance between modem/router and Mac?
when i go into airport setup it only seems to give option of WEP
any sugeetions or comments regarding the slow connection?
and any other advise?
further to last post
just found screen saying connection lost. followed diagnostics screen and got connection back. any ideas??
Not sure, I don't know what this Philips should be capable of. After serveral pages of Google still no sign of specs or a user manual.

Might very well be the distance and/or metal shields in floors or walls. What happens if you sit right next to the router?
last 36 hours next to router lost connection once
if it is distance, are there any routers that are exceptionally good for long distances?
maybe i do need to invest in new router?
I know pretty much nothing about Philips routers, so I have no idea if it's any good or not.

When you say you lost connection, what exactly does that mean? How exactly do you observe that situation? The reason I ask is that there may be several different reasons for you to experience a loss of connection:

1. another wireless router in the neighborhood might be interfering with yours, you can try different channel settings to get around this.
2. there may still be more than one dhcp-servers in the same lan segment, causing your IP address not to refresh correctly
3. the wireless signal on the router may be weak
4. wireless reception on your laptop might be weak
5. the wire between the router and the Telfort modem may be faulty, causing the line to drop intermittently; you might be able to see this from the router's diagnostics page or check if you can ping the router and if you can ping the modem
6. the wire from the phone wallplug to the Telfort modem may be faulty, causing the modem to drop the adsl signal altogether; you should then lose connection on both pc's

and there's undoubtedly more possible causes, so before you go out and buy a new one, you might want to check what exactly is wrong.
when i go to use the internet it says connection lost and gives me option of network diagnostics(mac os). i then re connect to network and its fine. i have lost connection 2 in 48 hours. for the other things you mention, ping router/modem? i have it on channel 6, what other channel should i try?
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